Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Samsung SGH i917 Windows 7 Phone - Hard Reset

Well, just picked up the new Windows 7 Phone Samsung device from the local ATT store.  I've done something on it that isn't allowing it to get past the SAMSUNG screen at start up.

Tried to find information on performing a hard reset, but could not find any.  After some tinkering, I figured it out.

With the phone powered off - either by holding the power key or removing and replacing the battery - hold the VOLUME DOWN key + the CAMERA key, then push the POWER key.  Hold this for a few seconds and you'll see a screen asking if you want to FORMAT the phone - factory defaults.  To continue, click the Windows key at the bottom of the display screen.  Otherwise, to cancel, touch the LEFT arrow at the bottom of the display screen.  There is a second prompt to confirm the format by touching the Windows key again, then the phone will format and reboot.

Hope this helps someone else.  Now, to figure out why the phone locked up 6 hours into new ownership.

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